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The Role of Mentor

The mentors role make is to act on behalf of the college to support a young learner who is enrolled on a course of study. The mentor will act within an agreed range of confidentiality and will ensure they have the best interests of the young learner in mind at all times. The mentor is a consultant, counselor and cheerleader.

Guidelines of the SMS

  • 1. Mentor shall meet the group of students (mentee) at least twice a month, personal counseling is the mainrole played by mentor.
  • 2. Mentor shall certainly meet students of their batches in the first meeting and discuss general matters and make them at case.
  • 3. Mentor shall subsequently meet students after 1st and 2nd semester examinations and discuss their performance and comfort level.
  • 4. The mentor should establish a close rapport with their mentees.
  • 5. The mentor should see to it that mentor meets them at certain junctures of the 1st year such as the first few weeks of the semester, well before end semester examination and at the time of results.
  • 6. The mentor must act on any complaint of misbehavior by a senior.
  • 7. The mentor should be ready to help their mentee to overcome any problems(academic or social) in an advisory role and act as a responsible role model.
  • 8. Students drop-out rates can be minimized. (apparently due to mentor’s intervention before a student falls of short of attendance)
  • 9. Slow learners can be identified through mentor and Remedial classes can be conducted. Advanced learners identified and encouraged with incentive prizes.
  • 10. To enable the parents to know about the performance and regularity of the wards.
  • 11. Guiding the students to choose right career path for job, higher studies, Entrepreneurship etc.,
  • 12. Each mentor shall maintain their student information, which will be examined by the HOD, Principal and others concerned when necessary.

1. Dr. V. Umamaheswari,
Asst.Prof. Of English

2. Mrs. P. Kavitha,
Asst.Prof. Of Economics

Asssitant Co-ordinators
1. Ms.A.Kavitha,
Asst.Prof. Of Chemistry

Asst.Prof. Of Tamil

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